March 2009

Anna with her butterfly larvae aka caterpillars.Anna has been waiting everyday this week for the mail to arrive hoping to get a small package in the mail.¬†Finally today Anna received her butterfly larvae or caterpillars today in the mail. In about a week according to the instructions they should start forming chrysalids. We will keep them in the sealed cup until after all the chrysalids have formed and then we will move them into the butterfly habitat. I’ll keep you posted on how our Painted Lady butterfly science project is going.The black spot in the cup is one of the caterpillars.¬†

An interesting fact about Painted Lady Butterflies….they taste with their feet.


Anna enjoying the Texas Bluebonnets.One of my favorite flowers is the Texas Bluebonnet. We actually had Bluebonnets as the main flower at our wedding. I love driving down Texas roads in the spring and looking at the sea of Bluebonnets growing along the road. Anna and I went to a field today behind a friend of ours office where the Bluebonnets covered a hill. We were going to wait until next week but I was afraid with it getting near freezing tonight that the flowers may not be as pretty after the cold weather. We had such a great time discussing how the Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas and how they grow. We also discussed how because the Bluebonnet is a wild flower we should not pick it so that it can grow for others to enjoy. Texas Bluebonnets

Anna painting a picture of an American Flag.Sorry, I haven’t updated but we have been running since we got home a month ago.

Jack is doing great and I think we have finally gotten the kinks worked out of switching from the VA in Nashville to the one here in Dallas. We have a dr’s appointment next week for a check-up with the doctor but they draw blood once a week to check levels and everything is pretty much on track.

We have been busy looking for a house to buy. We have found several that we have liked and put offers on but apparently we have wonderful taste in houses because other people also put offers on the same houses and have outbid us. We have an offer on house #4 that is currently at the bank . It is a short sale (pre-forclosure) so the bank has to approve the offer. So we are just waiting on the bank to make a decision on whose offer they are accepting. It is the best house out of all the others we have put an offer on and is almost exactly what we have been wanting. The only thing it doesn’t have are the window looking into the backyard from the kitchen or living area but I can live with that. We need something with space since Jack is not really supposed to be outside anymore because of the tranplant. This house will give us the ability to spread out and not be stepping on top of each other when one of us is needing some alone time. It also gives us room to have families over for fellowship which is something we can’t do in the house we are currently renting. We hopefully will know something by the end of the week but it maybe next week before we hear back from the bank.¬† So we will see what happens.

We started back on Anna’s schoolwork last week after taking a couple of weeks off while we were traveling home and getting adjusted to being back. This week so far she has learned about the Star Spangled Banner, Davy Crockett and Lewis and Clark in history. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago for homeschool day and learned all about horses, penguins, and owls. We are fixing to start a study on butterflies. We ordered some butterfly catepillars to watch them grow and turn into butterflies while we are studing them. Anna is super excited and asks everyday when they are coming in the mail. So check back I will try to post pics of the butterfly study.