February 2009

We finally get to go home tomorrow. YEAH! We will leave in the afternoon since we have to meet with the doctor first and to go over some things. We are driving to Little Rock for the night and we will get to have dinner with Jack’s brother. Then we will finally be home sometime on Wednesday.

Jack is doing very good. He had another good PET scan last week with no cancer showing up. God is so good!


So we are on day 88. Just 12 more days to the magical 100. Even though we are close to reaching day 100 it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will go home on day 100. They will continue to monitor Jack if he starts to run fever or gets sick or if they think something else is going on that would need further monitoring. We hope to be heading home around the 25 at the earliest or the 27th at the latest. Jack is doing really well which is why I haven’t updated much. Jack had mono at one point before we got married, actually I gave it to him…anyway, it has reactivated. The doctors are not really concerned they are just keeping an eye on it and have increased some of his medications to hopefully keep it from getting worse. He feels fine and the number for the mono is only at 800 and concern is at 2000 so it is not really anything of concern but to keep an eye on it.

We are basically keeping ourselves busy by watching movies, playing Wii and working on jigsaw puzzles. I have worked on getting some of Anna’s first grade curriculum together. I have been making flash card books for spelling and workbooks for her memory verses. Anna has been busy visiting the farm and seeing my Grandparents, Aunt, and Uncle. She loves to play Chinese Checkers with Uncle Chuck and making Dump cake for Gramps. She also got to play in 12 inches of snow in Indianapolis a few weeks ago.