January 2009

I really have nothing new to report. We are just waiting until day 100 and we can go home again. Jack is doing really well and has had no major problems. We are down to going to the doctors two times a week unless something is going on. We thought he would have more testing this week but the doctors are going to wait until around day 100.We have been keeping ourselves entertained by working puzzles, playing Wii and watching movies. We haven’t gone out much because it has been too cold.

Anna is doing good. We won’t get to see her until we go home which is hard but we will be fine. Mom and Dad have done a really good job of keeping up with her school work so by the time we get home she will only have a few weeks left of Kindergarten.

That is about all for now.


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated the blog. Everything is going great with Jack. We are so excited that we get to start the new year cancer free. God has blessed us in so many ways in the last year.  Not only with Jack’s treatment but with family, friends and the people we have met along the way. Jack’s being cancer free is nothing but a miracle that only God could do. Even the doctors are amazed at how well he is doing. They have really expected more problems because of all the chemo he has gotten in the past. It is a miracle at all that he even qualified for the transplant. It is a miracle that they found a perfect match donor halfway around the world who was willing to give bone marrow. Some people say that God doesn’t perform miracles in today’s world that miracles only happened in the Bible. I have news for them…God is doing miracles all around us.